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Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekly Magic Item #001 ~ Magical Alchemest's Vial

Magic Item Index Card #001. A new card released every Monday on Twitter by .

Magical Alchemist's Vial

Carved from thick, pristine quartz crystal, the magical alchemist’s vial has been fashioned for durability. Its near-translucent surface is difficult to scuff or scratch and is highly durable, withstanding most blunt force impacts that would shatter other vessels. The container is fire and acid resistant. It has been sized to contain enough liquid to fit one dose of the average size potion or elixir. It is capped with a sturdy cork that forms a magic seal, locking the contents within. When the vial is closed the user utters a password, and the container cannot be unsealed by normal means until the password is spoken again.

Attached to the vial is a blank vellum tag. Anything written on the tag with any sort of ink vanishes moments later. When the container is filled with liquid and magically sealed, arcane script begins to slowly appear on the tag detailing the attributes of the contents within. The writing appears slowly over a matter of hours, but will eventually accurately describe what is stowed within.

  • After 1 hour: the writing details whether or not the contents are poison and indicates if the liquid is magical or mundane in nature.
  • After 2 hours: the writing details how the contents are supposed to be used: consumed by drinking, rubbed on a particular surface, or how it can be activated.
  • After 3 hours: the writing details the intended effects of the contents if it has any: healing, antidote, or arcane effect.
  • After 4 hours: the writing provides complete information about the contents, including effect potency, duration, and any potential side effects.

The vial can contain only liquids, oils, or salves. If any other substance is placed into the container its magical seal is not activated and the tag remains blank. Once used, the alchemists magical vial must be completely submerged and soaked in fresh water for two hours before it can be used again. This process removes any arcane writing from the vellum tag.

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