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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Big Book of Maps: April 2017 Summary

I just sent out the month-end summary for April 2017 for The Big Book of Maps project.

Everything is on schedule, 11 maps have been released, and over 40 map icons in two map icon sets. New features announced for the Digital Distribution Tool, and plans for the coming month

Check out the full update here.

Updates & New Features for the DDT -

Monday afternoon I will be applying a new feature to the "My Account" page which will allow you to download a ZIP containing all the content released in April.

This new feature will be updated with each Month End Summary update so that backers have the option to download content in monthly chunks. If this will be useful to you, be sure to check your "My Account" page options starting May 2nd, 2017.

1) Release Schedule Calendar (powered by Google) has been integrated into the DDT, and can be accessed by clicking on the "Update" option on the horizontal menu bar. This is a quick and easy way of seeing when new maps, map icons, new features, and bug fixes are available as well as keeping track of the future release schedules.

2) Map Index feature added for all account levels that receive digital maps. In addition to the existing maps download page, the index is a quick view of all maps released sorted from newest release to oldest.

3) Account Upgrade options have been created in the DDT per backer request. This allows for a backer who pledged to the kickstarter at a lower level to pay the difference to upgrade the account and receive the benefits of a higher pledge level. The only option not available to upgrade to is the publisher level as that license was intended to only be available during the kickstarter as a unique opportunity.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Haunting of Hastur: City of Talos

I am excited to see "The City of Talos" for 5th Edition by Kevin Watson (from Dark Naga Adventures) launch today on Kickstarter! This adventure is the third part of the Haunting of Hastur Series, and boasts cover art created by Rick Hershey, and interior art by Brandice Bos, Adam Schmidt, and Z. Mann Zilla. There is also an add-on for some very nifty "Dark Naga" dice!

I created a lot of cartography for this amazing project, and I'm excited to see it all go into publication! Check out this fun and exciting adventure that I'm stoked to be a part of. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wrath of the Jötunn goes to press!

After several weeks struggling with the printers to get the perfect print proof, my book Wrath of the Jötunn has now gone to press en masse! Available in premium color hardbound or economy softbound paperback.

While it’s not my first book to be published in print, and I’m presently credited in well over 150 other published titles, this is the first time I’ve ever held in my hands a published hardbound book which I was hired to write that has my name on the cover. It’s a pretty important moment to me!

I can’t thank Jonathan G. Nelson (AAW Games / enough for this fantastic opportunity. The entire AAW Games team really came together to make a beautiful line of products with Into the Wintery Gale, and I’m excited to see the 200-page mega-adventure released. Creating it has been a true adventure!

Pick up your print copy today!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Table Top Babble Podcast

This week I joined Stephen J Holodinsky and Chris Malidore (fellow senior staff members at the AetherCon Online Tabletop Roleplaying Game Convention) to talk with James Introcaso on the Table Top Babble podcast (Don't Split the Podcast Network). The subject of the show was all about online conventions from attending to running and planning events. Great conversation and a fun podcast to to take part in.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Paths to Adventure Logo

With a half-dozen self-published titles and the successful conclusion of my kickstarter for The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games), I decided it was time to get a little more serious about branding the "Paths to Adventure" label. While technically, it's still just the title of this blog, I've gone ahead and filed all the legal paperwork on it, and will be utilizing the identity to publish.

I don't have any intent at this time of becoming a full-time (nor even frequent) publisher. I remain a freelance for hire, and my self-published titles will remain in the minority of published works attributed to my name. However, having a publishing identity available for the few titles that I do self-publish seems like a logical approach. So, I unveil to you the new official "Paths to Adventure" identity logo:

As time permits in the coming weeks I will be updating trade dress on several products (including this blog) with variations of this logo theme to better convey the brand of products, books, and applications that I self-publish.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Undworld Races & Classes Cover & Stationary Designs

With the Underworld Races & Classes kickstarter by AAW Games well underway (and fully funded), I was asked to design cover spreads for the two hardbound books - each familiarly themed to their respective official core books. 

So here I have designed one cover based on a typical Pathfinder RPG theme, and another based on a typical 5th Edition theme. I've taken lengths to assure we don't cross any trade dress IP issues, but both covers have been submitted to Paizo and WotC for review and approval (just to be on the safe side), and I'll make adjustments as needed so both licenses are covered properly. 

I also designed the stationary (page backgrounds) for both books with the same concept in mind. Below you see those finished backgrounds sporting layout by the talented Jensen Toperzer and art from fantasy artist Mates Laurentiu

5th Edition Stationary & Layout

Pathfinder RPG Stationary & Layout

Sunday, April 9, 2017

AetherCon VI: Here Be Monsters!

This week launches this year's "Here Be Monsters!" interactive series for AetherCon Online Tabletop Gaming Convention. I designed the map of Europe for this year's series, celebrating the conventions growth over into the European audience with AetherCon VI.

Each week you can visit the website to vote on the "home" of an all new monster from a selection of three different locations. The location with the most votes at the end of the week becomes the new home of that week's featured monster. The first week starts of with Gerstovaex, the Green Dragon!

Stop by the AetherCon website and cast your vote today!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Kickstarter: Underworld Races & Classes for 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG

Another Kickstarter campaign which I did the design for has gone live! "Underworld Races & Classes" for 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG (by AAW GAMES & launches this coming Monday, April 3rd. I'm super excited to see this awesome player supplement (available in platform-specific hardcovers and PDFs).

This book is fantastic for anyone wanting to delve into the dark realms of the Underworld in their games; and also the ideal player companion book to the incredibly popular campaign series, "Rise of the Drow".

Underworld Races & Classes -- 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

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