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Monday, July 31, 2017

The End of a Journey

It’s been a challenging journey through the wintery gale, but the quest has been victorious. As of yesterday’s release by AAW Games, the last the pending content for the "Into the Wintery Gale" series was set loose into the wild (sans the final Fantasy Grounds VTT conversions which are nearing completion presently).

There were moments of conflict and stressful encounters to contend with, unforeseen challenges and unexpected setbacks, exhaustion, serious physical injuries, and the mourning the loss of family and loved ones. We undoubtedly underestimated the challenge we were committing to, yet the team weathered the storm; ever focused on completing the trek. Many lessons were learned, new friendships were forged, existing bonds tested and strengthened, and many new skills were acquired.

Standing here now gazing across what we created, I feel accomplished. We created something I’m proud to be a part of.

I won’t lie: it’s a journey I was more than ready to complete, but it was also an adventure I’ll never forget. I think I’m ready to advert my eyes from the wintery white for a while to focus on writing adventures in warmer climates, maybe a few palm trees?

My gratitude and eternal thanks to the entire AAW Games Team who toiled to make this series a reality. And, many thanks to the Kickstarter backers who made it possible. You are all amazing.

What started off as a goal of writing a 100-page adventure module became a sizable series containing over 600-pages of combined content. One hardcover book, five additional books, three decks of cards, GM screen, two huge battle maps, miniatures, terrain, tokens, and Fantasy Grounds VTT content… consisting of 15 Vikmordere-themed dungeon adventures, 40 detailed encounters (each a sidequest in their own right), over 40 new monsters, over 50 new magic items, 12 new feats, 6 new spells, new and unique gear and equipment, dozens of new puzzles, and expanded rules covering: hypothermia, frostbite, battlechants, runepainting, and tons of unique culture, setting, and overworld travel content.
The Complete Series includes the following:

Wrath of the Jötunn – Mega-Adventure (Book) [200 p.] – The main adventure of the “Into the Wintery Gale” series, designed to take 5-6 PCs from levels 9 – 15+. Includes 5 full-sized dungeon adventures, highly detailed overworld, rules for handling hypothermia and frostbite, delve into Vikmordere culture with new gear and equipment, new Runepainting magic, new spells, more than 10 all-new magic items, new traps, hazards, haunts, and puzzles, and over a dozen all-new monsters.

Raiders Haul (Book) [30 p.] – 43 all-new Vikmordere-themed magic items and 2 new weapon special abilities. Includes cultural information section for each item.

Winter’s Roar (Book) [62 p.] – 30 all-new monsters from the harsh wintery environment of the Vikmordere Valley. Includes relevant cultural information for each monster.

Ancestral Appellations (Book) [49 p.] – Detailed info about Vikmordere culture including geography, names, a dozen Vikmordere settlements and backstories for each chieftain or jarl, 5 new magic items, 5 new spells, new battle chants, and three all-new adventures included.
  • Eye of the Ice King (Adventure for 4 PCs Levels 5-6)
  • Caves of Cursed Ice (Adventure for 3-4 PCs Levels 7-8)
  • Tomb of the Crooked (for 3-4 PCs Levels 11-12)
The Vikmordere - Player Primer (Book) [19 p.] – Companion book for Ancestral Appellations with information relevant to new players for the “Into the Wintery Gale” series.

The Art of Into the Wintery Gale (Book) [172 p.] – Complete Art Portfolio for the IWG project including masterful pieces painted by Mates Laurentiu and Jason Rainville, with a special section including preliminary sketches and concept art.

IWG Mini-Dungeon Adventures – Five Vikmordere-themed Mini-Dungeons designed for use with the “Into the Wintery Gale” Series.
IWG Game Master Screen – GM screen with beautiful Vikmordere artwork on the front, and multiple panels for GM reference on the back. Compatible with Hammerdog Games “GM-Screen” folder.

Wintery White Combat Map Tiles – Nine double-sided 8”x10” map tiles that create two 30” x 24” combat maps.

Winter’s Roar Miniatures & Tokens – 30 monster miniatures from the “Into the Wintery Gale” series including bases, tokens, and three dozen condition hoods/markers.

Vikmordere Longship (Terrain) – Amazingly detailed and customizable papercraft longship created especially for “Into the Wintery Gale” by the masterminds behind Lord Zsezse Works.

Winter’s Roar Monster Deck (Deck of 60 cards + tuckbox) – Art cards & GM cards for new monsters created for the “Into the Wintery Gale” series.

Raider’s Haul Magic Item Deck (Deck of 60 cards + tuckbox) – Art cards & GM cards for new magic items created for the “Into the Wintery Gale” series.

Into the Wintery Gale Random Event Deck (Deck of 30 cards + tuckbox) – Overland random events designed for use as adventurers traverse the wintery white of the Vikmordere valley and shores of Serpent Lake.

Into the Wintery Gale for Fantasy Grounds VTT – Ready-to-run Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop modules for various IWG books.

City of Talos in Print!

The 5th Edition adventure and gazetteer for "The City of Talos" published by Dark Naga Adventures has gone to print! I did nearly two dozen pieces of detailed cartography for these books, including the full-color two-page spread map of the City of Talos (pictured to the right). 

"After the events of The Buried Zikurat, the characters return to the city of Meawold to report to the Minister of Interior Affairs Edmur and enjoy the fruits of their labor. After tiring of the delights of Meawold, and possibly running a bit low on coin, they decide the time has come to accept the invitation from Sherin Po-thole and enter Talos as honored guests, something no surface dweller has ever done. "

You can get "The City of Talos" and other Dark Naga Adventures products here via Fat Goblin Games on DriveThruRPG.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ancestral Appellations

Another book I wrote, the final title in the "Into the Wintery Gale" series has been published by AAW Games, and is now available for purchase! 

Ancestral Appellations - Vikmordere Culture & Society includes:
  • Introduction to the Vikmordere
  • Geography of the Vikmordere Valley
  • Random Vikmordere Name Generator
  • 12 Vikmordere Settlements (with Maps)
  • 5 New Magic Items
  • 5 New Spells
  • Battle Chants
  • Sidequests
  • Eye of the Ice King (Adventure for 4 PCs Levels 5-6)
  • Caves of Cursed Ice (Adventure for 3-4 PCs Levels 7-8)
  • Tomb of the Crooked (Adventure for 3-4 PCs Levels 11-12)
Over 45 pages of additional content for the “Into the Wintery Gale” series details the Vikmordere way of life in the frozen North!

This book is available for purchase via, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Vikmordere - An Introduction

The "player primer" for the "Into the Wintery Gale" series which I authored has now been released by AAW Games, and is available for free download

"Shieldmaidens, völva, raiders, and wardens of the land: the Vikmordere are the fantastical interpretation of a cultural hybrid between Norse Vikings and various indigenous peoples. The Vikmordere are a fantastical blend of ancient cultures in the setting of Aventyr. The Player Primer introduces new players to the culture and geography of the Vikmordere."

This book is available for Free PDF download via:, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Captain's Log: Starfinder!

It has finally been officially announced that I will be a part of the AAW Games Starfinder Team. In truth, I've already been working on content for months during and after the official play test process from Paizo. There are a lot of really fun things in store for fans of science fiction and science fantasy!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Big Book of Maps: 1st Quarter Project Report

Good news! I just posted the 1st Quarter Project Report for The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games reflecting on the first 90-days of the project since the Kickstarter funds cleared.

As of this morning I have posted the 100th map! This means that the project is officially past the halfway point, and less remains to be done to complete the project than has already been completed.

The project is 100 days ahead of schedule so I have already completed all of the work scheduled for the next quarter -- and then some!

I have been creating (at least) one full-page map for the project every single day for the past two months.

The stretch goal "Taverns & Storefronts" collection of maps has been completed and released now. This set of maps includes the following:

Bank, Blacksmith, Cellar, Church with Bell Tower, City Bakery, City Infirmary, Corner Pub, Dock Warehouse, Fletcher & Archery Range, General Store, Grain Bin, Guard Garrison and City Gate, Herbalist and Apothecary, Hovels and Abodes (x3), Indoor Bazaar, Inn, Jeweler, Latrines & Outhouses (x3), Library, Magic Shop, Merchant Kiosk (x5), Museum, Pawn Shop, Planned Domicile (Apartments), Potter's Shop & Kiln, Public Bath House, Shanty Town Shacks (x7), Sheriff's Office with Gallows, Small City Park, Taverns (X2), Theatre with Balcony, Town Courthouse, Village Stables, Well Shed, and Windmill. Literally everything needed to completely flesh out a fully-mapped city!

More than half of the "Underworld" two-page spread mega-dungeons have been done as well.

I have also made updates to the Digital Distribution Tool. Most notably a new "Most Recent Map" preview on the sign-in page. I hope this new feature will be useful for those who have been visiting frequently to download maps during the week. Now you can see if a new map has been released since your last visit without having to login and navigate to the map downloads. I also added several inline banners for my new VTT Maps Patreon.

Saturday, July 8, 2017 Nominated for 2017 ENnie Award (Best Website)

Over the past couple of years I've worked incredibly hard (and countless hours) along with owner, Jonathan G. Nelson to make the website and the service it provides to subscribers the best it can possibly be.

From developing new software, plugins, and features for the website, to managing blog posts, subscriber updates, and even customer service at times; I've been involved in pretty much every aspect of the company at this point.
I am incredibly proud that the site has been again nominated for an ENnie Award.

Voting is open to the public, and your vote would be greatly appreciated! Click here to cast your vote.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Big Book of Maps: June 2017 Summary

Earlier this week I sent out the month-end summary for June 2017 for The Big Book of Maps project.

It was another fantastically productive month: 36 new maps released, over 80 new map icons released (4 new map icon sets). Dynamic calculation indicates the project is currently 64 days ahead of schedule and over 36% complete.

Check out the full update here!

I have also made a few updates to the Digital Distribution Tool. Most notably, a new “Most Recent Map” preview on the sign-in page. I hope this will be useful for those who have been visiting frequently to download maps during the week. Now you can see if a new map has been released since your last visit without having to log in and navigate to the map downloads.

Since the Kickstarter for The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games successfully concluded, several folks have asked if they can still become backers after the fact. I have been allowing this, and creating basic accounts for them on a one-by-one basis which they can then upgrade (via the DDT Upgrade Account option) to the pledge level they desire.

I get several of these requests every week, and since the conclusion of the Kickstarter I have added 80+ additional backers. This manual process is time consuming, so I have decided to make a deadline for "Late Backers" at the end of this month (July 31, 2017). If you know someone who has been pondering becoming a late backer, they will have to do so by then. I’ve now added a convenient form to the Digital Distribution Tool login page for this purpose.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

VTT Dungeon Maps Patreon

I have decided to start a Patreon funding a weekly dungeon map design that is compatible with your favorite Virtual Tabletop platform. New Maps will be released every Saturday, and you can get them for as little as $3/month! If the project reaches specific funding goals, the number of maps released each week will increase.

Each map will be released with three versions included: VTT Map, Player Map (displaying symbols, ;terrain, etc.), and GM Map (with rooms numbered). There are two pledge levels: $3/month patrons get 300 dpi maps suitable for use in VTT, and $5/month patrons get 600 dpi maps suitable for poster-size prints.

A preview of each week's map is publicly posted, so go check out the sorts of maps patrons are getting, and if you would like to increase your stash of maps for your game sessions, consider becoming a patron! Thanks!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mythoard Adventure Hook Cards: Year II

Over the past year, the Mythoard tabletop RPG subscription box service has included one of the special system-agnostic Adventure Hook Cards that I created for them in each month's delivery. Upon request, I have just written up another batch of cards continuing the series for the next year. The new cards are done, and being prepped to go to press!

Be sure to check out Mythoard the only place you get these limited edition cards (and tons of other amazing tabletop RPG content), and start building your adventure hook deck today!

Subscribe to Mythoard:

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