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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Starship Builder Kit #1: Terran Battle-Hardened Ships

The first of my Starship Builder Kits has been released!

This first release in the series is available for free. Snag it and give the SBK series a try. If you like it, additional releases will be forthcoming throughout 2018. 

This Starship Builder Kit has been designed to allow you to utilize various stylized starship sections to compile your very own custom starship deckplan. You can use any graphics editing software that support PNG format to combine the pieces, drop them directly into your favorite virtual tabletop (VTT) application, or even print and cut them out to be put together to make a tabletop play map.

This series of kits is designed to allow you to mix-and-match any of the sections included herein with sections included in other sets in the series.

This product provides at least 20 ship sections as well as three sample ships built utilizing the included resources.

With Starship Builder Kits it is easy to create your own high-quality starship deckplans!

Example starship deckplans created with this Starship Builder Kit:

This product is available for FREE download at DriveThruRPG!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Speed Mapping Video

Speed mapping? I've had a lot of requests to do one of these.

The video shows me creating a dungeon in the style of those done in the Big Books of Maps sped up to x10 normal speed.

So, here it is! Sorry about the watermark. Had I known when I downloaded the free trial that "watermarked video" meant they were going to slap a logo in the middle of the screen, I would have found another solution. But, might as well use it since it's complete.

A relatively simple dungeon design, but it displays much of my process clearly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Justin's GoodReads Author Profile

Justin's GoodReads Author Profile (Screenshot)
So, I have an author page over at Goodreads now if any users would like to follow.

Apparently they had created one for me, and added few titles. Given the option to claim it, I did so and have been working with their librarians to get titles I've written added.

There are several titles still pending, but it's slowly coming together. I won't be anywhere near as active there as I am on social media, but since it's available, I'll be utilizing it some in the coming months for special promotions

Monday, March 12, 2018

Now Available: The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Volume 1: Fantasy Adventure

Cover Image
Cover Image
Available now in hardcover print. The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Volume 1: Fantasy Adventure contains over 230 full-color maps authored by fantasy cartographer Justin Andrew Mason. The maps are themed towards fantasy adventure.

Format: Full Color Premium Heavyweight Hardcover
Author: Justin Andrew Mason
Illustrator: Justin Andrew Mason
Publisher: Paths to Adventure
ISBN: 978-0-692-08675-9
Publisher #: PTA-BBM-001
Publication Date: February 18, 2018
Pages: 521
Size: 8.5" x 11" x 1.5"
Weight: 4.75 lbs.
Retail Price: $99.99

Whether your adventures embrace classic high fantasy, swords and sorcery, or fringe on an otherworldly Lovcraftian realm, this collection will provide suitable cartography for your tabletop roleplaying game adventures.

Over 520 pages of full-color maps: Dungeons, castles, keeps, temples, sacred sites, urban sprawl, caverns, mines, dwarven halls, elven empires, extradimensional planes, heavenly encounters, hellish delves, and even ancient forgotten advanced technology – this book has it all. There are even ten Underworld mega-dungeons included!

Note: Every map in the book is available as a digital VTT Map Set for virtual tabletop roleplaying. You can pick up the hardcover book at DriveThruRPG.

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