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Monday, February 11, 2019

Umbravania ~ Adventure Series in Mini-Dungeon Monthly 5E Zine

Umbravania logo I designed for the series.

The new Gothic Horror series of adventures I am writing for AAW Game's Mini-Dungeon Monthly 5E Zine ( was covered in the projects update earlier this week.

You can read the full update by clicking here. Or, find out more information about this oldschool-style one-color print RPG adventure zine created especially for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

This place is a dark land of gothic horror. It exists in between the tides of time, beneath the shadows, and apart from the ordinary. The mysterious fog that links the normal world with the terrors herein is a mystery, but you know with incontrovertible certainty that you have come to a place of tilted reality.

This series of non-linear Mini-Dungeons riffs off of well-known classic horror themes and applies a new twist to those beloved tales. Each is a stand-alone adventure, but as a whole they bear witness to the denizens and locales of the weird and eerie realm known as Umbravania.

The first installment in the series, “The Whispers in the Hollow” delves beneath the roots of the soul, where dark secrets lurk between incoherent thoughts and fear swells from the unknowable.
While experimenting with antediluvian occult rituals, a dark magician accidentally summons something ancient. Devil nor demon, but a primordial entity – something from before when the stars were wrought from cosmic fire.

Now beckoning tongues never intended for mortal perception wrack the magician and denizens from a nearby village with lingering confusion and madness.

Are the adventurers bold enough to brave the unknowable whispers and delve into the magician’s dark lair? Can their minds withstand insanity as it steals deeper into their psyche? If they falter, who knows what terrible fate awaits them?

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