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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Northern Fury Council Limited Edition Poster Prints

While awaiting the final editing/layout touches for "Wrath of the Jotunn" to be completed, I went ahead and prepped one of the last pending unique backer perks for the Into the Wintery Gale Kickstarter. Those who backed at the Northern Fury Council level had non-player characters based on their likeness worked into the adventure series, and each character was beautifully depicted by fantasy artist, Mates Laurentiu. They were also promised poster prints of that artwork.

The character art was done without any background since they were intended to be worked into the layout with wrap-around text, I was left with a couple options for the design of the posters.

I wasn't a fan of just using a white background, nor did I like having the IWG logo slapped on the front. While I love the branding (I did design it after all), I felt it distracted focus of the subjects. A solid white background I felt like just kind of over simplified the theme.

What I ended up working up for these 18" x 24" posters was a backdrop of wind-swept tundra (utilized from the adventure book's back cover), and an abstract "snowy" background overlay to tie the theme back into the wintery gale. The artwork is bordered by a wide white margin, with some branding information done in simple black Norse runic font at the bottom.

Also, limited edition might be an understatement in this case as these were designed with the intent of only sending each "NFC" backer the one poster depicting the character artwork based on their own likeness -- another reason I wanted to make sure the composition of each made a unique piece.

I'm rather pleased with how these turned out, and am excited for backers to get their posters. I hope they like them when they are received.

Print Proof of one of the Northern Fury Council Posters.

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