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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Weekly Adventure Hook #005 ~ Shadows in the Sewers of Urville

Adventure Hook Index Card #005. A new card released every Saturday on Twitter by .

Shadows in the Sewers of Urville

The city of Urville has become overrun with rabid rats. Verminous swarms of fur, claw, and teeth. The city’s food stocks have become tainted by feces and decay, and waterways are littered by the floating corpses of drown rodents. Many abandoned the city when the plethora of filth-related diseases arrived, migrating their families to nearby cities and villages. However, many longtime residents remain, struggling to survive and rid themselves of the seemingly never-ending populace of vicious, biting varmints.

The adventurers arrive to the city to discover its calamity and are asked by Virgil Lovingood, the city’s mayor, to assist. The denizens have discerned that the rats are coming from the sewers beneath the city, but have been unable delve deep enough to find their source. The mayor hired one team of mercenaries to take care of the problem, but after entering the sewers, they were never heard from again.

In truth, the source of the infestation is a psychic wererat named Henrik Helmson, though the name he prefers is “Lord of Vermin”. Henrik was passing through Urville in his human form when he was wrongfully accused of committing a murder. Tried and convicted, he was sentenced to spend the rest of his days in the city’s dungeons. Henrik broke out of his cell, converted several guards and fellow inmates into subservient wererat thralls, and escaped into the sewers.

From beneath the city, Henrik utilizes his psychic abilities to control the massive population of rats, and is hell-bent on casting the city that imprisoned him to ruin. His escape and plot are unknown to the denizens of the Urville due to the utter chaos that erupted with the rats arrived. The adventurers can discern the truth and identify their enemy by disabling any of the wererat thralls; Henrik’s psychic connection to each fades when they are severely injured and near death.

To end the infestation of rats in Urville, the adventurers will have to delve into the deepest reaches of the city’s complex sewer system, cut their way through countless rabid rats, and raze the lair of the Lord of Vermin.

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