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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Weekly Adventure Hook #000 ~ Tall Tales & Dragon Tails

Adventure Hook Index Card #000. A new card released every Saturday on Twitter by .


Tall Tales & Dragon Tales

The adventurers find themselves taking respite at the Shattered Inn & Tavern in the small town of Shadowfen. Though the food is barely passible, the ale is of superb quality. While they make use of the establishment’s amenities, an old drunken veteran, named Clifton Calises, limps his way into the tavern and orders a meal. As the old warrior partakes of his dinner he begins loudly telling stories about the adventures of his youth to any patrons who will listen. One story is about his final adventure: his adventuring allies were killed by a fierce dragon. He barely escaped with his life. They were seeking a magical totem known as the Warrior’s Heart which grants the strength of ten men any who wear it. The tavern-keeper, Braun Stilton, rudely interrupts the story by shouting, “No one wants to hear your drunken fantasies and tall tales again old man! Stop telling your lies, and eat your meal before I toss you out!”

The admonishment hushes the man to grumbling silence as he finishes his meal, but if requested to do so, Clifton will continue his story: They had uncovered the location of the artifact, but found it guarded by a fire-breathing dragon which killed his friends. He still has a map to its location, but has always remained too afraid to return. He will sell the map to the adventurers for moderate sum if they will agree to kill the dragon and return its head to him to be mounted in his home.

His story is true, the artifact does exist, and the map leading to a small cavernous complexabout a week’s journey away is accurate. The cavern is guarded by an adult red dragon. The artifact (actually known as the Slayer’s Plight) does grant its wearer a substantial enhancement to strength, but also carries a curse. Any dragon within a mile of the artifact is magically drawn to it and compelled to consume its wearer. The curse cannot be removed without destroying the artifact. It can be found in the dragon’s hoard within the cave.

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