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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The New Cartographer's Cache

My previously free PDF map series Cartographer's Cache has been retooled to serve as the wheelhouse marketplace for my VTT Maps Patreon.

In turn, a new regular series of free map releases is planned for the near future through a new venue currently being negotiated with a publisher. 
Cartographer’s Cache is a collection consisting of maps created by Justin Andrew Mason as part of his VTT Maps Patreon.

Contributing patrons wanted to know if there was a way to go back and get the maps released during months before they became patrons or in months they missed funding. Cartographer’s Cache is the solution to that request. Each set contains all the maps released by Justin Andrew Mason via his Patreon for a specific month.

Both 600 dpi high-resolution and 300 dpi VTT-friendly versions are included of every map. All maps are in JPG format and are sized to fit a full 8.5 x 11 inch page. Three versions of each map are included with this product:

• VTT Map – No grids, no numbers, no icons/symbols, all rooms shown

• Player Map – With grids, no numbers, player-relevant icons/symbols, and secret rooms are hidden

• GM Map – With grids, with numbers, all icons/symbols, all rooms shown

A new volume to this series will be added monthly including all maps released via my Patreon for the relvant time-frame. The number of maps included in each volume is indicated on the front cover, but will fluctuate depending on the funding status of my Patreon account.

There will be at least 4-5 maps in a volume (Saturday map releases), but the number per volume could grow to contain many more depending on Patreon goals. The price for a volume of Cartographer's Cache will remain $7.99 ($2.99/month more than current top-tier patrons pay).

Click here to see what Cartographer's Cache volumes are currently available.

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