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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Book of Maps: May 2017 Summary

I just sent out the month-end summary for May2017 for The Big Book of Maps project.

It's been a very productive month: 24 new maps released and over 100 new map icons (5 new icon sets). Dynamic calculation indicates the project is currently 26 days ahead of schedule (not bad for the first full month!).

 Check out the full update here.

According to the numbers (map release count, project deadline, days since DDT launch) we’re currently 26 days ahead of schedule, and the entire project is over 18% complete.

I’ve added these dynamic calculations to the DDT just beneath the “News” section. This way everyone can keep track of where the project is at and how much progress has been made via a live view.

Updates & New Features for the DDT –

Aside from adding in the “Progress Calculation” widget, I haven’t made many updates to the Digital Distribution Tool this past month. I did a few tweaks to squelch bugs (documented in the comments section here on Kickstarter), but mainly I’ve been focusing on getting content out and working on the custom maps for backers.


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