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Monday, October 24, 2016

Peril at the Lamiak Bridge

Another Mini-Dungeon that I wrote is now available for purchase. Peril at the Lamiak Bridge (published by AAW Games / is an adventure for 4-5 PCs of 3-5th Levels.

Leuna and Ederra, a pair of lamiak twin sisters, have built a bridge over the rushing waters of Amorrura River. The stone bridge provides safe access across the river for the villagers of the nearby settlement of Urakurba into the hunting grounds of the nearby forest. In return for this gift, the villagers leave gifts to the sisters of ale and fresh fruit each night at a shrine near the river’s edge.

The rare stone that the bridge is crafted from cannot be found nearby, and is only sourced from high in the peaks of the nearby Harrizko Mountains. The material is exceptionally strong and is the  coveted treasure of the mairuak who mine the stone from quarries high upon the mountain peaks. The reclusive giants selfishly hoard the special stone and do not share it with others. The mairuak utilize it only to build their sacred mountain monoliths and dolmen.

Ederra, with intent of building a bridge that would assuredly withstand the raging waters of the violent river, snuck into one of the mountain quarries and took just enough of the stone to build the bridge. The mairuak have more than ample supply of the material, and she was convinced that the minuscule amount needed to construct the bridge wouldn’t be missed – she was wrong.

The adventurers come upon the stone bridge spanning Amorrura River. On the scene is an encounter between Leuna and Ederra and a hulking mairu named Peril. The giant is demanding in return for stealing his tribe’s stone that one of the sisters elect to be subjugated into servitude and use her magical abilities to assist the mairuak in building their massive dolmens.

Neither of the sisters is interested in spending the rest of her life in service to the giants, and have told him as much. Angered both by the lamiaks’ theft as well as their refusal to provide restitution, Peril is loudly threatening to destroy the bridge and bring wrath and sorrow down upon the denizens of Urakurba for whom it was built.

This adventure is available for purchase via, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

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