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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Special Edition Map Pack for AAW Subscribers

So over the past several days I've been busy toiling away to update all 70+ product records for Mini-Dungeon adventures. All of them now include the VTT-compatible map graphics that I created for them as a part of the product package. This is an ongoing effort for many of the different sales platforms, but the website has been fully updated.

This includes the free-downloads section for subscribers. Each month subscribers can download two adventure PDF's in addition to having full access to the complete library of web-enabled adventures.

Earlier this year I created a "My Library" section for subscribers, which bolts into the S2Member Pro platform that manages accounts, logins, and downloads -- a feature which is sorely lacking from the retail package. This allows members to access their past downloads at any time via the website without wasting additional download credits. However, with the complete revamp of every single Mini-Dungeon product, this caused issues with linking past downloads to the new product packages.

Rather than investing a ton of time into (once again) reverse engineering and re-writing the S2Member software to resolve this, I have created a Special Edition "Map Pack" available for only subscribers. This is a free download, and doesn't expend any monthly download credits. This free Map Pack ensures that all subscribers have full access to VTT maps for any Mini-Dungeon adventures they may have downloaded in the past.

The map pack includes VTT-compatible map graphics (in JPG and TIF format) for every single Mini-Dungeon adventure published before June 22, 2016. This product can be found on the subscriber's download pages under the section "Other Map Packs" on both the PFRPG and 5E download pages.

This week I will be continuing forward with updating all these product packages for various sales channels, including Once they are all complete, anyone who has purchased a Mini-Dungeon in the past should be able to re-download their product to get the newly added map graphics, and AAW Games / will then make a public announcement. 

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